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Brain and Spine Conference 2018 Poster Presentations


The following are the accepted Poster presentations listed

  • Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) case report of PRES in a patient with diabetic Ketonuria.- Dr. Adeel Shareef

  • Spontaneous intratumoral hemorrhage: a case report of a meningioma – Dr. Antony Thomas

  • A giant mastoid cholesteatoma with posterior cranial extension causing mass effect and obstructive hydrocephalus – Dr. Basma.I.Sabir

  • An otogenic cause of subdural empyema – Dr. Dipti Shinde

  • Neurological complications in type ii decompression sickness - a case report –Dr. Aishath Hidhaya Efram

  • Spontaneous reversible cause of coma-migraine with brainstem aura (basilar migraine) - a case report - Dr.Imthiyaza Abdullah

  • Tumefactive demyelinating lesions - Dr. Maryam Raya

  • Early disappearance of syringomyelia following decompression of chiari malformation type 1 - Dr. Aishath Siyadha Saeed and Dr. Aminath Waheed



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