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Brain and Spine conference 2018 ' #BrainSpine18 '

ADK Hospital is proud to announce “BrainSpine18”, which is the second conference series led by our Neurosurgery Team. The conference will be held during November 06-07, in the Maldives.

“BrainSpine18” is organized with a focus on enhancing knowledge among medical professionals treating cranial, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders. We aim to create an opportunity to share researches, recent innovations, advanced treatment modalities and experiences of pioneers in the field during our interactive scientific sessions.


This year, we are going international with participants from around the globe.





          DR. ALI NIYAF                         DR. RICHARD N . W WOHNS                     DR. JAMES D RIFENBERY
       Neurosurgeon                                      Neurosurgeon                                  General Surgery Specialist
             ADK Hospital                            The founder and president                       Practice general Surgery and 

                                                                   of Neo Spine, LLC                          laparoscopic surgery in Tacoma, WA



         DR. DEBORA GAROZO                                            DR MURALI MOHAN S

         Peripheral Nerve Surgeon                                         Neurosurgeon & Inventor
Vice President of the Peripheral Nerve                        RADARC Stereotactic Apparatus       
            Surgery Committee                                Sagar Hospital and Neuro Clinics, Bangalore                                   






               DR. ALI NIYAF                                                DR. FAISAL SAEED

       Organizing Chairman                                    Co-organizing Chairman

  Head of  in Neurosurgery                                    Director, Clinical Governance
                 ADK Hospital                                                                 ADK Hospital



       MR. HASSAN MUSTHAFA                                        DR. ABDULLA NIYAF

        Organizing Secretary                            Co-Chairman Scientific Committee

Assistant Manager, Marketing and PR                                       Chief Medical Officer
                  ADK Hospital                                                                  ADK Hospital  



          MS. ATHIYA NASEER                                             DR. HIDHAYA EFRAM

       Co-Organizing Secretary                               Co-Organizing Secretary          

          Chief Administrative Officer                                                  Medical Officer
                     ADK Hospital                                                               ADK Hospital                                       



                 Conference Venue                                             Accomodation 

                      Paradise Island Resort                                                             Marble Hotel






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